West London Shooting School

Great Tew Estate

A quintessential English estate. Great Tew is situated just ten miles from Banbury and shows a brilliant variety of drives including ‘Cottenham Bank’ which is as good a Parkland Pheasant drive as one could wish for.

The real thrill of Great Tew is the Driven Grouse at ‘Raven Hill Moor’, a drive unique to both this estate and to our Game Flyer Days. No other shoot has got a full line of 8 stone grouse butts which provide birds that are challenging and exhilarating with low coveys, fast pairs and even birds going back across the line.

Dates for 2017:

March 1st – 31st

April 3rd – 29th

May 1st – 31st

June 1st – 30th

July 1st – 31st

Syndicate Dates 2017:

May 26th

June 28th

July 29th

Please call (020) 8845 1377 or email Gemma for further information.